Where do you ship? 

We do our best to ship everywhere. You can find all info on shipping here.

What will I have to pay for shipping? 

You can find all shipping prices here.

For EU: When your order is over 150 euro the shipping fee is halved. When your order is over 250 euro shipping is free!

Want to make an addition or adjustment to your order?

No problem! If it hasn't been shipped yet, we can easily make adjustments. Just send an email to hello@manine-montessori.com

Why can my order not be shipped to my country?

The maximum weight for standard worldwide shipping is 10 kg. This means cube chairs and washing stations can be shipped everywhere, but for wardrobes and shelves it is necessary to ask for a custom shipping quote: please send an email to hello@manine-montessori.com for all necessary transport details. Shipping a wardrobe to the USA or Canada costs 100 euro in shipping.

Can't find what you are looking for? 

Let us know which items are missing from our range to make your Montessori home complete (mail to hello@manine-montessori.com). We'll research them and possibly even add them to our range. 

What size chair or table would be best for my child? 

You can find the answer here.   

I received my order packaged with non-ecological materials. How come? 

We strive for optimal ecological packaging solutions. Sustainability in all areas is one of our focal points. However, it is possible that you receive a package from Manine Montessori that contains non-ecological filling or packaging materials. Why? 

Simply because we recycle the packaging materials that we receive with deliveries from our suppliers whenever possible. So even if it doen't look like it, your shipment's packaging is contributing to a cleaner environment and a better world. 

FYI, our shipping partner, DPD, is committed to making all deliveries in a carbon neutral way.

What is your return policy? 

You can find all the information here.

What is your privacy policy? 

You can find all the information here